Hometour, living in a 41m² loft!

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Since July 2019, my boyfriend and I have been living in a 41 m2 loft. Our house is located in the Up-Town apartment complex, just outside the city canals of Zwolle. After a year it is time to share some images with you. Today I’m giving a home tour of our loft. Come on in!

The entrance of our apartment complex has a hotel vibe. This is due to the wooden details, the narrow hallway and luxurious-looking carpeting and lighting. That hotel vibe has not only struck us. The reaction of almost everyone who visited our home for the first time was: “It looks like a hotel here!”.

De entree van onze loft

As soon as you enter our house, you will see a walk-in closet and coat rack with mirror on the left (photo left). When we got the key this ‘block’ was not there. It was one open space, with no corridor. We wanted to create both a hallway and storage space and chose to build this block with a walk-in closet at the bottom and storage space on top (pictured right). In the walk-in closet you will find 2 separate Pax cabinets from IKEA and a shoe cabinet.

Seen from the front door, on your right, opposite the entrance to the walk-in closet, you will find a central heating loft. This is where the underfloor heating pipes come together in the distributor. We’ve rebranded this as a laundry and storage loft, complete with washer-dryer, shelves and a hanging laundry rack. I don’t know what your laundry room looks like, but ours isn’t exactly photogenic 😉

Our dining room and kitchen

When you walk a little further, you enter the dining area. During one of our interior consultations, we received the tip to use large objects in a smaller space. We did. Our table is 2 by 1 meter and easily offers space for 6 people. Behind the table you will find two patio doors that provide access to our terrace.

If you turn around, you will see the black and white kitchen in the right corner. Complete with refrigerator, microwave/oven, induction hob and dishwasher. The kitchen worktop is made of composite. In terms of storage space, this kitchen is top notch. We can store all our crockery, kitchen equipment and part of our stock in it. The rest of our stock is in the right side of the black metal case. The only thing we don’t have enough of is freezer space. We only have one freezer compartment and that is actually just too small.

Opposite the kitchen you will find a rack that we use to put things on and hang them up. But there is more, because this rack also serves as a staircase to enter the storage space on top.

A surprisingly spacious living room

Back to the dining table. You just looked right into the kitchen. On the left you will find our living area. Again, we have opted for a large object, namely a large corner sofa (Montèl). You will also find a coffee table (Zuiver), a small table and our television (Xiaomi). You can see our color palette particularly well in the last photo: wood and earth tones supplemented with old pink and dark green.

Sleeping on a mezzanine

And then comes what probably the majority of readers is curious about: the mezzanine as a bedroom. This mezzanine is located above the living area. You enter it by the stairs Wilco made.

The floor covering is roughly the same color as the sofa on the loft. Of course it would get very low above our heads if we put down a bed, so we chose to sleep only on a mattress. In the evening the curtains on the window close, creating a dark space. You don’t have to worry about ventilation either, because the grid is above the mezzanine. In this place you will also find the bookcase that Wilco made. If you look down from the sleeping room, you have a nice overview of the house.

Luxury bathroom and toilet

What cannot be missed is a bathroom with toilet. The bathroom is located next to the laundry room, diagonally opposite the coat rack. Wilco opted for anthracite-colored tiles at the time. The shower is a walk-in variant and the toilet is rimless. Apart from the washbasin, the bathroom has a wonderfully luxurious look. We were also planning to make another washbasin furniture, but that never happened.

Our terrace

For the last part of the tour we go outside, because we have a garden. Or to use the official term: a terrace. The vast majority of homes in this apartment complex have a balcony, but because we live on the ground floor, we can enjoy a garden. Wilco has made a cool planter from Ytong blocks and the bench is also made by him. Unfortunately, there are boring (ugly) gray tiles. We had big plans for this, such as a deck and beautiful, large tiles. But given that we have to take into account the Owners’ Association and were even asked to vote on the planter, we didn’t dare to change the tiles. Nevertheless, it is a nice garden.

So, that was it: the home tour of our house. Just in the nick of time, because although we think it’s super cool to live so uniquely in a loft, we will move to our new home within a few weeks. With just a little more space, tranquility and a larger garden. More on that later.

Thanks to photographer Ron Logher for the great pictures!

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